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Prof. Dr. Amarendra N. Misra
(Vice Chancellor)

“People make a university great”.

So we at Khallikote Cluster University value and appreciate the interest, enthusiasm, dedication inputs and constructive criticism from each one of our alumni, students, professors, staff members, stake holders, parents, and visitors to build this great institution of learning and make it a global destination.

14th July 2017

I write today to let you know the beginning of a new era of academic and research excellence through the concept of resource sharing within the Khallikote Cluster University, a cluster of five colleges/institutions of learning to attain excellence in teaching and research. I hope with the appointment of a regular Vice-Chancellor of the Khallikote Cluster University on 6th July 2017, the dawn of this new concept is seeded in Odisha.

It is my privilege to take up the pivotal position of this new breed University.
It is a humble beginning. At this cluster, we have to confront all the challenges together to make the university one of the strongest intellectually and administratively across the globe. I seek utmost dedication of students, faculty, and staff to “tide against the wave and achieve the goal for an excellent global University at Berhampur”. I know this commitment will carry forward our University, from strength to strength, in the years to come.

As Vice-Chancellor of the University, I will use my experience to improve access to the colleges in the Khallikote Cluster University for students of all walks of life, economic backgrounds and enable quality teaching and research in interdisciplinary, job oriented and industry linked disciplines. There will be dialogues with various stake holders for promoting collaboration across academic disciplines and administrative units accepting the limitations and challenges of infrastructure, resource crunch and financial challenges.

There is much work to be done. The challenges like combatting the funds and resource crunch both for teaching and research; attracting and sustaining experienced, talented and dedicated faculty, students, and staff; advancing the work of inclusion and belonging that enables every member of our community to thrive; and helping to realize the dreams of the many remarkable individuals who are in the cluster and beyond.

I look forward, with one and all in Khallikote Cluster University at Berhampur, to seize every opportunity and confront every challenge in the years ahead to make this University an excellent and lovable place of learning and research.


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