Los Angeles

Dr. Manoranjan Mishra

Associate Professor & Head
Specialization: Remote Sensing and GIS
Research Interest: Climate Change Modeling, Costal Blue Carbon Assessment, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Remote Sensing and GIS.
E-mail: mmishra[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,

Dr. B. Anjan Kumar Prusty

Associate Professor
Specialization: Impact Assessment, Carrying Capacity Assessment, Ecotoxicology, Wetland Ecology
Research Interest: Bird and Wildlife Habitat Ecology, Contaminant transfer-trophic models, Rivers basin studies, E-flow models.
E-mail: bakprusty[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in

Dr. Bikram Sen Sahu

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Environmental Sciences
Research Interest: Environmental Modeling and Climate change and impact on natural resources
E-mail: bssahu[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in

Dr. Kabita Baral

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Decentralized Governance of Natural Resources and Environmental Justice
Research Interest: Resource and Environmental Geography, Regional Development, and Waste Management.
E-mail: kbaral[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,

Mr. Santosh Kumar Beja

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Geology and Paleo-climate
Research Interest: Paleo-climate, Paleo-ocenography
E-mail: skbeja[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,

Mr. Arun Kumar Naik

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Geochemistry
Research Interest: Modeling of atmospheric entry of micrometeorites and identification of their parent bodies, Economic mineral resources and their management
E-mail: aknaik[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in;