Los Angeles

Prof.(Dr.) J Panigrahi

Professor & Head;
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
Specialization: Plant molecular breeding
Research Interest: Molecular elucidation and functional genomics of biotic stress resistance in crop plants.
E-mail: jpanigrahi[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,

Dr. Sushil Kumar Pathak

Associate Professor
Specialization: Infection Biology
Research Interest: Host-Pathogen interactions in Mycobacterial and Helicobacter infections.
E-mail: skpathak[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in

Dr.Manoj Kumar Panda

Associate Professor
Specialization: DNA Fingerprinting and Biodiversity Conservation
Research Interest: Genetic Diversity of Plants, Population Genetics & Conservation of Threatened Medicinal Plants and Phytochemical Evaluation of Medicinal Plants .
E-mail: mkpanda[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in

Dr. Saswat Sourav Mohapatra

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Microbiology, Molecular biology
Research Interest: Bacterial Cell cycle regulation and Signal transduction mechanisms
E-mail: ssmohapatra[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in

Dr. Sunil Kumar Behera

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Bioprocessing technology
Research Interest: Microbial fermentation technology, Microbial mineral processing.
E-mail: skbehera[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,

Mr. Tapan Kumar Singh Nayak

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Immunology
Research Interest: Macrophage inflammatory responses, TLR signaling and its regulation.
E-mail: tksnayak[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,

Dr. Aditya Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Immunogenetics
Research Interest: Immunogenetics of Infectious Diseases and Autoimmune Disorders
E-mail: akpanda[at]khallikoteuniversity.ac.in,